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Steiner Trained Aesthetician/Electrolysist.

About Caroline

Caroline Hitchcock trained at the Steiner Beauty School in London for Royal Cosmeticians in 1987, graduating as an Aesthetician-Cosmetologist. Having gained considerable experience within the Beauty industry, Caroline has practised in London, Dubai and the USA, affording her a thorough understanding of all skin types, conditions and available treatments. Working alongside renowned Beauty Editors, Biochemists and Cosmetic Doctors has enabled her to share and gain further knowledge of current trends, advanced scientific preparations and new treatments.

In 2009 Caroline became an ambassador and consultant to a luxury skincare Brand and has continued to impart her skills and experience to others as a Spa and product consultant, also more recently as a Beauty writer for various Publications. Hailed as “Britain’s Best Facialist” by award winning Beauty website “Getthegloss”, Caroline is listed as one of their skin experts, often giving Q&A sessions addressing a variety of skin concerns to their global subscribers.


All treatments are bespoke subsequent to skin analysis and consultation.

The Ultimate Bespoke Facial Treatment

For all skin types and ages, this treatment is tailored to the individual’s skin requirements following an in depth and thorough consultation. Involves several machine & manual based combinations to perfect and hone the complexion. Also includes Caroline’s acclaimed massage technique, with an antioxidant oil to de-stress, hydrate and plump facial contours.

90mins or 75mins

Skinrolla Medical Micro-needling

An award winning treatment for complete rejuvenation of the face and neck, which stimulates the skins’ own biological growth factors to work more efficiently. The results from this treatment are:

  • Increased collagen production, giving volume, springiness & Elasticity
  • Shrinkage of Large pores
  • Improved appearance of scarring, wrinkles & pigmentation
  • Overall Radiance and long lasting effects

75mins – A course of 3 is highly recommended

The Lunchtime Facelift

For a quick confidence boost, this is a popular “lunch hour” treatment which tightens and tones facial structures, and revives tired looking skin, using machine based techniques with radiance boosting products.


Neck & Jowl Lift

Using Radio Frequency Current to tighten and contract underlying skin tissues.

30mins – A course of 6 is recommended

This treatment can also be tagged onto a bespoke facial.

Eye & Upper Lip Age Reversal Treatment

An effective treatment to help reverse the signs of ageing for these sensitive areas.
Great for improvement of lip lines, Crows feet & Eye bags.


Facial Mesotherapy

A Great skin boosting Treatment. A preparation facial is carried out, followed by a cocktail of 14 different vitamins, minerals & hyaluronic acid, which is applied to the upper layer of the skin by a series of superficial injections, also includes Led light Therapy.


Acne Treatment

A bespoke treatment is devised to improve this skin condition following an initial consultation, along with a homecare maintenance plan.

90mins or 60mins

Brightening Facial

An effective treatment targeting pigmentation, sun damage, dull or sallow complexions. Using a combination of machine based techniques and products to brighten the appearance of the skin. A home treatment is also recommended.


Skin Tightening Combi Facial

With ultrasound, radio frequency & Iontophresis. This is an amazing new age reversal treatment using the latest techniques with no downtime, results are visible after one treatment.

Eye Brows & Eyelash Treatments

High Definition Brows
Professional Reshape of Brows
Eyebrow Tint
Eyelash Tint

Millia or “Milk Spots” Removal

These appear as white spots under the skin and are caused by a build up of dead skin cells blocked within the pore. They should only be removed by professional techniques to avoid possible scarring.

Skin Tag Removal

These often appear around the neck area and appear as raised brown or reddish bobbles.

Capillary Vein Removal

These tiny broken veins usually appear on the cheek & nose area.

“Caroline’s facials are mythical, she always manages to make me look 10 years younger”

Lady Cosima Somerset, Founder Concierge London

Brand Consultancy

With extensive experience in the beauty industry we are able to offer assistance with the following;

Brand Promotion
• Press Launches
• Social Media
• Commercials
• Media/Blogger Presentations
• Public Relation Exercise
• Exhibitions
• Promotional Events
• Brand Ambassador Ship
• Bespoke Protocols
• Retainers
Fees / Daily Rates are provided upon consultation.
Brand / Spa / Clinic Consultancy
• Advanced Training Techniques
• Training Manuals
• Social Media
• Bespoke Treatment Protocols
• Consumer Maintenance Skincare
• Accurate Skin Analysis
• Direction
• Product Development
• Style Identity
• Packaging
• Sales Techniques
• PR referral
• Pricing / Products
• Brochures / Marketing
Fees provided upon consultation.

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0757 241 6954

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